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Innovative, creative and intelligent design is at the very heart of every one of our projects, and nowhere is more important to us than our studio.  Here our team of designers take initial concepts and transform them into workable and highly detailed schemes to suit a variety of lifestyles and aspirations.  Above all, our aim is to create unique garden spaces and offer our clients a level of service which surpasses expectation.  

The Briefing Process

A successful design always begins with a detailed and well considered brief.  We'll look to carry out an initial garden visit where we spend time carefully considering your requirements; assessing the practical realities of the site and discussing your ideal interaction with the garden space.  We like to send out an e-mail prior to our first visit in order to raise some of the points we might hope to discuss, and providing you with an opportunity to fully consider the project prior to our arrival.

The Survey

In order to carry out any design work, it’s pretty important that we understand the space you’d like us to work with.  Should you feel our designer is right for you then the next stage of the process is to carry out a full site survey.  Here we look to define the boundaries of the site and accurately mark the location of the property and existing features.  We’ll also make record of the levels in the garden, carry out soil sampling and consider any other defining features that may influence our design.  

Design Solutions

Having written up your brief and collated our survey information to produce a scaled drawing, we’re ready to begin the exciting part of process.  Sketch designs are often the first step towards achieving a finished garden, and allow our designers to combine their ideas with the practical elements of the design.  At this stage we look to produce some hand drawn images detailing the spatial layout of the garden and exploring options of style and form.  These are delivered by your designer and explained in detail.

Detailed Design

Should the concept designs fit your brief, or after a process of amendment, we begin to work up some more finely detailed illustrations of the garden.  Should the design involve complex changes in level or rely upon intricate hard landscaping detail, we may consider the use of a computer generated model to accurately guide you through the project. 

Planting Design 

Planting is undoubtedly the element of garden design which establishes the success of a scheme.  However smooth your paving, sparkling your water feature, or well placed your statuary, it’s the planting that makes a well designed garden stand apart, and differentiates its architecture from that of the property it surrounds.  We take a great deal of time on our planting schedules and work closely with our clients to ensure our plant selection is suitable for both the site and maintenance requirements. 

Construction and Project Management

Our complete landscape service allows our designers the unique ability to keep a daily account of each project from concept to completion.  From briefing our construction team to setting out the site, our designers take on the role of project managers the moment the first spade finds earth, and continue their client relationship until the last plant is gently settled.  We're proud of this service and genuinely believe it allows us to build fantastic gardens; as individual as the clients who commission them.    

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