Garden Water & Light Features - Design Services

Garden Water and Light Design Services

The design and construction of unique features to enhance any garden

Water features and garden lighting were once considered a designers luxury; temptingly nestled amidst dense planting in a beautiful Chelsea show garden.  

However with an increasing number of our clients requesting the use of light and water as an integral design consideration, we look to incorporate these elements in a great deal of our work.  

From the reflective qualities of a still pool to the soothing sound of falling water, we specialise in the design and construction of unique features to enhance any garden or outdoor space.Water Features - Garden Design Services

Other Landscaping Services

  • Terrace & Patio :: a contemporary terrace for evening entertainment.
  • Fencing :: we use FSC certified suppliers.
  • Driveways :: bespoke designs tailored for your property.
  • Walls :: built by our talented in house team.
  • Planting :: our in-house horticulturalists produce detailed designs.
  • Garden Structures :: from Rose covered Arbors to cool outdoor living spaces.

What our clients say about us

Stephen Ogilvie's team interpreted our ideas extremely well, and were very clear in explaining their scope of work.  When it came to the practical, two very personable guys used high-quality materials to do an excellent job.  Our garden has been much admired by visitors to the house, and we're really pleased with it ourselves.  We'd highly recommend the firm.

Robin Woodburn, Costorphine, Edinburgh

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You can contact us via email on or call us on 0131 447 0145 to discuss our your water or light feature design requirements.  Alternatively, click here to fill in our contact form and request a call back.

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